View Full Version : Resizing a Heavy Div (IE6)

05-27-2009, 11:11 AM
I have a very large html table, with a lot of small background images, and I'm having the following problem in IE6:

1) If I'm trying to set with javascript the initial height of a div containing this large table, the browser gets stuck for a few seconds (while taking a lot of cpu - about 50%) when I try to refresh the page.

2) When expanding/collapsing a large number of rows within the table using javascript (by setting the display status of these rows), that problems occurs again.
To be more accurate: hiding the rows and then refreshing the page - stuck for a few seconds. Hiding the rows and then displaying them again - stuck for even longer.

If I remove the images and replace them with a background color, this doesn't happen. But since I need these images, and since it worked perfectly in all browsers other than IE6 (at least the ones I tested - IE7, FF and Chrome), I was hoping there might be a different solution.
Any advice would be appreciated.