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05-27-2009, 01:22 AM
Hi there, I am currently doing a project that is a little out of my leugue.

I need to be able update a few pages in a non html code based enviroment.
I run a uni society group and we have a website but no one else knows how to use html at all, and my skills are fairly limited as I am self taught.

1) I need a web form that has 4 text fields, that when a person is typing in the text needed:

A) copys the text entered, and creates a html code in a similar instance to this....
Person types into field "name" with the text "John Smith"
and produces the html code
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#000000">Article written by John Smith</font>

B) copys the html code and saves the file online (currently we log in to resubmit html so not sure how it would work)

C) Copys some html code produced and inserts (at a specified point or line in the orginal html code) into a file already online and updates & saves it (again on a log in website)

2) I need a the same as above except at point C, it needs to be able to place it at specific point, i.e. this instance is an online calander so it needs to be able to find the date the event submitted is due and place itself there, again on a html page save online on a system we currently log into

05-27-2009, 03:15 PM
You should be looking into Content Management Systems (CMS). Search around and you'll find some decent ones that will give you a login website to create and post content online, create calendars and events, etc.

If you're not looking to replace your current website, you can integrate calendar systems and such into your existing website.

Don't reinvent the wheel, especially when you're out of your league. You're asking people to help you code an entire system that usually takes experienced coders a week or so to code. Either hire a coder, download and configure a pre-made system, or start real small with specific problems you're having. If you're intent on doing this yourself, ask something like "I have this code below that is attempting to store HTML to a file, but the file isn't being saved on the server and I get this error: blah blah blah. Could someone point me in the right direction?"