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The Wizzard
03-20-2003, 06:39 PM
Hey Everyone...

Just want to have you all take a look at my new site, its not nearly done, but tell me what you think so far.

I think im using to much grey, im thinking about adding some blue in there, but let me know what you think.



03-20-2003, 09:46 PM
I think that amount of grey works near perfectly - brings attention to the car images very well.

About the only moot point that bothered me was not being told the general location on the main page - though saying that, perhaps not having it will help enlarge the prospective client area.

Maybe link the small pictures as well as the details..... link

good job - very professionally done.

03-21-2003, 02:25 AM
Very good, I also like the grey.
The random picture in the middle is nice in this situation, because it's not a title bar, or something that's not really important.

If you look above the 4 pictures of cars and below the text in the large picture "FEATURED VEHICLES", there is a proffesional light effect in the grey with the One pixel height, white line. Nice..

I dislike only two things

The middle picture might be too large to have random though. Too many of them might effect page load time, but that's all it will cause problems for.

And last the buttons on the side are not real, they are pictures, it might be a good idea to accually use style tags to change them to real buttons. It is possible.

In the long run, great site!