View Full Version : Flash Gallery - with Flickr support

05-22-2009, 06:09 PM
I've been tasked with digging out a good flash-based image gallery for inclusion into a companie's website - I'm no flash or A/s genius and I'm looking for a simple, clean and easily configurable gallery.

I've been googleing about for over a week and, whilst I've found a few likely candidates I've yet to settle - mostly due either to three-day-long setups or lack of features (though I'm aware of the correlation between features and setup-length - I'm hoping for more of a middle ground).

So, I'm after recomendations and suggestions from the good crowd here at CodingFoums.

The requirements are quite simple:

Must be Flash-based
Must be able to pull images from Flickr
Nothing overly-fancy - none of this 3D/rotating stuff - cleaner and simpler the better.

so do your worst!

Many thanks!