View Full Version : popup checkbox and button submit

05-21-2009, 08:51 PM

I'm using struts, in 1 jsp code I have given div section which I would make it appear as popup on click of jsp submit button. In the div popup I have 3 check boxes and submit button. On click of this submit button, it has to go to different jsp page.

I have given logic in this jsp action class like if
chkbox1.selected == true go to chk1.jsp
chkbox2.selected == true go to chk2.jsp
chkbox3.selected == true go to chk3.jsp

I didn't used any javascript for div popup button onclick. when I clicked main jsp submit button popup opened, selected chkbox and clicked submit button, control went to action class, but the page forwarded to error jsp file.

I tried to create javascript functionality for this popup submit button, but it didn't work.Any ideas, where I'm doing the mistake.