View Full Version : positioning external flv files on stage??

05-21-2009, 11:20 AM
Hi, i am loading 3 flv files so that the first file plays once and the other two loop afterwards. Now i am interested is it possible to position the flv files on the stage to certain coordinates when they start to play (so for example that the first flv plays as default in the centre, the second flv file plays a little bit right and the third plays a little bit left). This is the code i'm using:

import fl.video.VideoEvent;

var clips:Array=["1index.flv","2sat.flv","3spavam.flv"];
var index:int = 0;

/* gledamsat would be what I think you are wanting to name the instance of the FLVPlayback on the stage... */

function goNext(e:VideoEvent):void {
if(index > clips.length-1){
index = 1;
gledamsat.source = clips[index];

function init():void{
gledamsat.source = clips[0];


Now i tried these lines to position the flv files but it doesnt work:

if (2sat.loaded == true) {
2sat._x = 400;
if (3spavam.loaded == true) {
3spavam._x = 100;

Can someone help??! Is it possible to position the flv files when they are loaded???