View Full Version : Go back one page and refresh that page

05-13-2009, 09:37 AM
I have this kind of a problem in which I add a text to a site with an input field.
The text appears on the same page. When I click submit, if I use go.back(-2)
javascript, it does not refresh the page, and the user gets confused that
nothing happened (but really happened, if he would just refresh that page).

If i use: javascript:window.location.reload(history.go(-2)); the browser will
pop up the question "page can not be shown unless sending the previous data.."
if I click "send again" the action happens twice: the text is added two times.
If i click "cancel" the action happens once: the text is added one time (ok!).

So How can I remove/change the code so that the browser does not ask that
question and confuse people and double post the inputted texts if clicked "send again"?

Thanks in advance!
-Jay :D