View Full Version : importing one html file into another--a special problem

05-07-2009, 08:45 PM
Hello. I work for a scholarly web site that publishes (in part) scholarly essays. I'm creating printer-friendly versions for the essays using css, but the notes and works cited pages are separate html files from the main essay. SO, I'm trying to determine the best solution for calling up the notes and works cited pages when--and only when--the user clicks "print," thus allowing the user to print off the entire essay. One solution I've found is to paste the content of the notes and works cited into the main essay page and set the <div id="content" to display:none in the media="screen" css. But, I'm thinking this is a little clunky. I'm wondering if there's something else, perhaps a javascript, that would call up the text of the notes and works cited using the content container. I could then have this display only in the print css.

I've played around with <iframes> but that only imports entire files (I think), and I don't want to use php includes because that would require more work than my cut/paste solution (since the included files would be constantly changing).

I hope this makes sense to you all. Thanks.