View Full Version : add remove tables+content via admin script

05-06-2009, 03:46 PM
Okay so here is my dilemma... (excuse my lack of knowing how to code)

I building a website that is pretty straight forward, nothing weird or difficult.
Now the person I'm building it for wants to be able to edit the site himself and frankly, he doesn't know how unless there is a VERY simple CMS on it.

Well, I located a very simple CMS for use with the text, images, and links.

But there is going to be one page that lists members in a particular group (a gaming clan)
This groups members fluctuate slightly and this page needs to be readily editable.

What I was thinking is having an admin panel (which I can set up myself)

This panel would include a page devoted to the members page. (this is a basic html web page)

Now, I what I would like is to be able to open up that admin page and it allow me to click a button "ADD Member" and it insert a specified table with all the settings prepared for the content which is usually 2 images and a header labeling the name of the member.
This would also require a check box next to all the included tables that would allow me to delete any or all of the tables at any given time.

This way the man I'm building the site for can open the page and easily add a member table and insert the content he needs to and save the results so that the next time the webpage loads the new content is viewable.

Now I can add this information manually but I can't code worth a darn. So any help would be amazing.
If you know of a tool or something I can use to set that kind of function up that would be great.