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05-05-2009, 08:05 PM
Hi Everyone,

Thanks in advance for helping me with this small issue:

I have an optin form page on http://domain1.com/optin.php

On this page, here is the following form code:
<form name="form1" method="post" action="https://www.mcssl.com/app/contactsave.asp">
<input name="merchantid" type="hidden" id="merchantid" value="123456">
<input name="ARThankyouURL" type="hidden" id="ARThankyouURL" value="http://www.domain1.com/confirmed.php">
<input name="copyarresponse" type="hidden" id="copyarresponse" value="0">
<input name="custom" type="hidden" id="custom" value="0">
<input name="defaultar" type="hidden" id="defaultar" value="12345">
<input name="allowmulti" type="hidden" id="allowmulti" value="0">
<input name="visiblefields" type="hidden" id="visiblefields" value="Name,Email1">
<input name="requiredfields" type="hidden" id="requiredfields" value="Name,Email1">
<input name="cmdSubmit" type="image" title="cmdSubmit" src="images/submitbutton.gif" >

I am using 1ShoppingCart's autoresponder.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish but not sure how to do it, and could really use some of your expertise.

On my confirmation page at: http://domain1.com/confirmed.php

I want to be able to display the Name and Email1 form field variables on that page as follows, from the input values on the optin.php page.

"You are now subscribed to My Newsletter with your details below: Name, Email1"

So here's the current process that you can see from above.

After the visitors enters their name and email on my optin form from the entry page(www.domain1.com/optin.php), they will be
processed through 1ShoppingCart's autoresponder system action script (https://www.mcssl.com/app/contactsave.asp).

That means that the visitor leaves the domain1.com site momentarily, while passed through www.mcssl.com before
they are redirected back to www.domain1.com/confirmed.php.

How can I get the form field variables "Name" and "Email1" to pass all the way through to the www.domain1.com/confirmed.php page so that I can display the original input data on screen?

Thanks guys!

05-05-2009, 09:35 PM
do you have any control over the https://www.mcssl.com/app/contactsave.asp script? if so add whatever hidden form fields you want. it appears to be a hosted cart system. i assume they let you add whatever custom fields you wish, right?

05-10-2009, 07:49 AM

The problem is that I don't have control over the intermediary script. Otherwise, your suggestion would have been the best route to take.

Thanks anyway.

Do you have any other ideas?

05-15-2009, 05:02 PM
Did you ever get anywhere with this? I've been trying to pass a custom variable to their cart and then get it back after the sale is complete, but I'm thinking I will have the same problem you did.

I know they support custom fields, and I know I can add javascript to the head tag on the pages, so theoretically, this is possible. I just don't know how to proceed.

Basically, all I want to do is send one of my users there with their ID on my system, have the cart process the payment and go to my thank you page with the same user ID I sent them attached. Shouldn't be difficult, but no one at this company can tell me anything about it.

02-25-2010, 07:08 AM
How to pass custom variables like user id , user name on view cart page and get back value on Thank You page in 1ShoppingCart?

Note : My application is in asp.net.

I really appreciate your help.

Thank You.