View Full Version : Google has merged two websites Possible PHP database problem

05-03-2009, 11:38 AM

not sure this is the best place but any help welcome. I have 2 classified websites each script is from different companies and have been modified (still not finished, they are hosted on the same server, and are seperate databases.

the problem is if i go into google and key in site:www.hisoloso.co.uk many of the pages show the result as an extention after the .co.uk from the other site which is www.hisoloso.com it seems that they have become mixed.

www.hisoloso.co.uk/c,2,computer-accessories-.htm this url is basically from 2 sites
if you click on the combined google results you get a half loaded website it should load www.hisoloso.co.uk version, but it loads www.hisoloso.com

sorry if this is confusing.

thanks for any help