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04-22-2009, 06:10 PM
Hi, I am new here and have a couple of question that would help me.

1. I am building a new shop website using Zen Cart and a template from their site, what I want to know is can I save the files that my hosting company uploaded to their server, whic includes Zen cart and the database etc.

When I go into my site via FTP I see three folders, these are the full extent of my shopping cart, what I want to do is save these files to my local hard drive before I start editing the templates, so if I mess up I will be able to clear the server and FTP the original files to the server to start over again. Also when I have my site complete I want to save that so if for any reason I lose something, I can re upload it again.

2. when I edit my php and css codes with notepad++ , things like tagline and other things I want to do away with, how much of the code should I remove, should I remove the whole line (or lines) if its relevant to just the tagline or do I leave some of the code in and just remove 'Tagline' from the abbreviations and leave the rest of the code. I am not sure how far to go in removing codes.......thats why I need to back up my changes, as I wrecked my last attempted.

Your help would be appreciate, I did do a search and checked through some posts, I could not find anything relevant to these questions - sorry if its the wrong thread etc.


04-22-2009, 09:01 PM
For question 1 I am not entirely sure what you are asking, but I presume you just want to download the files? In your FTP client you should be able to simply drag the files you want, to your hard drive view. This might be hard for me to explain because most FTP clients look different.

When connected to your server via FTP (assuming you are using a client and not the command line), there should be 2 lists of files. One of your computer, and one which is your site. Like uploading files, you should be able to drag files and folders from one list to another. So unless I'm mistaken you should be able to just click on the folder you want to transfer to your hard drive, and drag it into the appropriate place on your local list.

Is that what you wanted to know for question 1?

04-22-2009, 09:33 PM
Hi Millenia
You have understood me for what I want to know, yes the FTP client is split in two, and I understand about dragging files out onto the desk stop and saving it, what does concern me will it remove it from my hosting and will I have to re-load it back into the server by dragging it back into the ftp client.
I understand that I can make a copy of the files (folders) once they are on mt desktop. my concern is I don't want to mess up again and trouble my host provider - not that they have given me any grief. I would prefer to copy and paste from the ftp screen and then paste it onto the desk top, but it don't let me do that.


PS.....anyone got any help for my question 2

04-22-2009, 09:58 PM
To my knowledge, when you drag something from one list to another, it doesn't delete it from where it was originally. I just tested it in KFTPGrabber and in the command line and it didn't delete my original file either time. Although to be safe you could always upload a test file. Download that test file and check if it 'copied' it instead of 'cutting' it.

I can't see how you can mess anything up simply uploading and downloading files. As long as you keep track of what you have uploaded and downloaded then you should be fine. You shouldn't have to contact your host once.

About question 2, without the code you are editing I cannot know. If you post code that you want to modify on Codingforums then I'm sure that someone will be able to guide you. Although we need to see the code before we tell you how to modify it. We also need to know how to modify it.

Good Luck (tell me if I have misunderstood anything)