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sahil sherwani
04-09-2009, 10:35 PM
Hi All,

I have a requirement for a tool/application/website that can help us to audit the security groups that an owner owns in Active Directory. I need an application that can do the following:

1. List the groups an owner owns (we have a database that contains group name, ads path, owner information hence the code can be linked with the database to get the information)

2. Owner of a group could select the group and veiw the members of that group (May be the code needs to be linked with AD to get the members of the group)

3. Using the tool we should be able to send the email to all the members of a selected group or specific members of the group ( This is required for audit purpose. owner needs to check with the members of the group if they still needs access to the group or not hence need to send an email. As a group can have hundreds of members, sending a manual email to everyone is time consuming). The email should contain a link which can take the user probably to one of the interfaces of our tool- that we need to develop. It should ask the member- do you still need access to the group and have two choices- yes and No. If the user selects Yes and submits nothing should happen. If the member selects No and submits it , member should be automatically removed as a member of the group and the owner of the group should be notified about the change (through an email or something).

I am not sure which programming language or scripting can help me to achieve this application. Any help will be greatly appreciated. It would be great if someone can take it up for me. I can give you the information that you may need for this project. You can let me know your terms and conditions.......if both of us agree we can start working on it at the earliest.You can email me at luvsohail2000@yahoo.com

Thank you.

04-09-2009, 10:54 PM
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