View Full Version : Video & page layout opinions needed. Feedback please!!

04-07-2009, 06:06 AM
Hey, I was hoping to get a little feedback on a few ideas that I had.

I have just 'finished' a Google Maps app, and there has been a little concern that some of the more 'senior' members of the staff will have trouble navigating the map.

So basically I want to make something like a screencast where I go through and do common things and post the video (like a help video).

This seemed like a no brainer when I was working on the actual project. But now I am a little stumped. I am considering making 1 video where I do basically everything. Or make smaller videos that are geared to more specific problems/questions.

Originally I was leaning toward the first, but after getting it done, it seems like the second would make more sense. But I would like to get a feel for other people.

Here is the link to my app: Check it out, then if I could get feedback it was be great.

My app (wds.semo.edu/map/Map(2)/parking.html)

Oh, just as a note, I linked to the new version that isn't released yet. Hoping to get better feedback. :D