View Full Version : advice on a good shopping cart that support VAT

04-05-2009, 08:58 AM

Does any1 here maybe knows a good shooping cart that support trading with VAT for EU??

At the moment we're using candypress, but problem we're facing is mostly with VAT that CP doesnt support and i think as they mentioned they dont have any plan to bulit it in future release.

I went through hotscripts and 411asp-codango in search of such cart but to be honest i didnt really find any.

We would like to stay with asp or move to .net, but we really dont want to move to .php. I find working with php too difficult and imho the code is a total mess. To do a skin you would need a professional php programmer just to make a template.
Although there are some good .php carts with VAT i kinda want to avoid them.

So any suggestions or maybe links to a cart that maybe isn't publuished on hotscripts would be great.