View Full Version : CSS / Javasript Multi Level Accordion Problems Opening and Closing

Mar 31st, 2009, 08:38 PM
Hello all, thanks for taking your time to read through.

I found this code online today for a real easy and smooth multi level accordion. I downloaded the .js and the .css codes threw them in connected them and inserted the <body> code... it worked.. so I dressed it up and made it look how I wanted and then began copying the first multi level code to the rest of the 4 main parts of the accordion. There are 4 main sections of the accordion and each have multi levels.

After I went to view that in the browser only the first main section of the accordion worked...the rest is just open....

I cant figure it out...the .js files are a little cluttered so I cant really get a grasp on it. but the code in the body looks fine and works for the first main section so i don't know why it wont work...

Its probably something so simply that being new to this I just didn't catch..
maybe its not coded to work past the first main section?
I also don't like how they open up at first, I would like to have them all closed at the beginning.

I hope this makes sense.

the codes from here

my site is here


my .js files


my .css file


thanks for the help
I hope there is enough info in there explaining!

Thanks a lot