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03-25-2009, 07:28 PM

i have create some kind for allow user can change text,

like allow have drop down menu and pick one ext of drop down menu then it will replace text

like example

load XML file to show using simpleXML function

show output
<title = "internal"> sample </title>
<msgNumber>|<msgNumber outputclass="external">
<msgText>|<msgText outputclass="internal">

today....we might want to have

<msgNumber>|<msgNumber outputclass="external">

but next month....the one of the user might say.....that he wants <msgNumber> to be
<msgNumber>|<msgNumber outputclass="internal">

and i dont want put any hardcode
and let user log into and review the current set of values for these tags

my suggest is create drop down menu on every each tag...

just create three line on drop down menu like

$convert= array ('internal','external','internal external')
function createDropdown($arr, $frm)

any idea would be great or suggest another sample link site or code script