View Full Version : Disable Edit Feature<---Elusive Answer to this Situation. Help, please!

Mar 25th, 2009, 12:54 AM
I've been researching now for some time on how to disable the Edit With Microsoft Office FrontPage (draw-down of File) feature to no avail even though I know it is possible.

To confront the nay-sayers, here's proof-positive evidence:
On the above site, and virtually all clear channel company radio sites, when you click down on File, you'll see that Edit With Microsoft Office FrontPage is disabled.

I originally posted this thread in the Javascript forum, where I was informed that, at least from a Javascript perspective, this could not be done. Though, again, it's been done, as shown above. I was told it has to do with servers, and to check out http://www.alpesh.nakars.com/blog/sh...oint-designer/ and
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/838117. Then I was told to ask the other forum for additional advice, as I was told it has nothing to do with Javascripts, and hence I am here. According to the above links, I'd have to submit a request to my server/host company to disable the Edit With Microsoft Office FrontPage feature, right? Please help.

The other incidental issue I have that I'd like to address is this: I found that a web site, naturalhandyman.com, has an extraordinary html encryption protection system: In the DESIGN VIEW, mind you, of his site on FrontPage, not the code view, all of his content is blocked out, replaced with a phrase such as, "[../_private/iipbotter.html]." HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I'd like something like this! Do you know what encryptiong software he used because it seems he encrypted everything on his site, yet it did not affect his searchability not one bit??????

I know there are a lot of encryption software products out there, but which is best in terms of maintaining a site's searchability ranking and permitting advertisements to be incorporated without complications?

Quick responses to both the disabling of the edit feature and the latter private block-out feature would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Ed