View Full Version : Losing focus of selected item in list box (in IE only!)

03-24-2009, 09:42 PM

new here... got a javascript issue I hope you can help with

I 've been searching high and low for a solution and can't seem to find anything...

I have a script that allows me to move a selected item up or down on the list.
so I have a Select control set to a size of 5. my list is 10 deep (for testing). now if I click on items 1 to 5 and move them up, no prob, if I move them down, that's where the problems start...

for example, go to my site for demo

here's the JS that drives it

now, click on "five" and hit the down button. if you are using IE (version 6) you will notice that the item simply disappears below...now if you scroll down you also noticed that the item did actually move down as many times as you hit the down button...but for a strange reason, it will not focus the control on the selected item.

in FireFox it works as I would expect it to

any ideas as to why it would behave that way? and better yet, what is the solution?!!

thanks for any help... if I come up with a solution I'll be sure to post it