View Full Version : I'm stumped even though I'm sure it exists.

Conrad M.
03-23-2009, 06:55 AM
I am not a programmer and know nothing of scripts.

I'm sure there must be a program and I just don't know what it's called. Here's what I'm trying to do...
I have a simple set of sales scripts that I want to put into a flash program for training our new sales associates. The concept is that a question is asked on the screen (ex- What color would you like that car sir?) and by clicking the "next" button, the computer would spit out either an "a" answer (ex- "Yellow") or a "b" answer (ex- "I'm not ready to buy any car from you idiots!"). In either case, the trainee would have an appropriate answer to either response that would include another question that would again generate several possible responses, etc...

I've google "sales script software" and "random answer generator" and I'm getting nowhere. There must be something? Please help. Thanks.:thumbsup:

03-23-2009, 07:13 AM

03-23-2009, 11:13 AM

The OP asked for Flash, not JavaScript.

I don't completely get the concept here, but if you want a Flash option then you should include Flash in your search query.

Are you looking for someone to find a script for you that does this? I searched and found a few programs, but I'm not sure if they can suit your needs exactly.


Conrad M.
03-23-2009, 06:31 PM
Thank you for your suggestions.

I've seen lots of Quiz creators, that randomly order the questions or randomly order the answers so that two students sitting next to each other can't copy, however the answers may be numbered differently but there is still only one correct answer. The jest of my query is that I'm looking for a program that can offer up multiple answers to a question and they're all correct. I just want the answers to pop up randomly.


The user would not choose a response, they would only click "next" and a random answer would pop up; to which they would have a single response; which would once again elicit one of several random responses; etc...

03-24-2009, 10:41 AM
To be honest then I don't know of anything that fits that specific design. Your concept is a bit unique I believe, not unheard of, just not typical enough for people to make generators for. The biggest reason is that the logic required to handle this is unique to your set of questions.

03-24-2009, 02:39 PM
I may have the solution to this dilemma, just PM me.