View Full Version : PHP Advanced File Read Question

03-21-2009, 06:02 PM
I would like to set up a live streaming video feed using ffserver, this feed would either be piped to ffmpeg and converted to a file or streamed live out of a specified ffserver port. The one problem I have found with ffserver is there is no support for user authentication, I may be incorrect on this, but I was unable to find any documentation.

I have also created a PHP program to stream flash files after the user has been authenticated via PHP, by reading the flv file located outsite of the web root directory.

My PHP question regards reading a file which is in the process of creation. If I pipe my ffmpeg output to a flv file, the live stream would be recorded as it is produced. I would then Like to read this flv file using my PHP program which provides the authentication. Is it possible to read the file as it is being produced?