View Full Version : SRM - SAP two events with one onclick

03-20-2009, 05:35 PM

i am facing this issue:

On the web I have two buttons - ORDER and REFRESH.
Looks like this:
<p class="pushButton"><a href="javascript:return;" onclick="SetOkCodeButton('=SC_ORDER', 'BBPForm', '', '',''); return false;" name="Order" class="pushButton" title="Orders your shopping cart. This completes the operation "
onmouseover="status=' ';return true;" onmouseout="status=' ';">

<p class="pushButton"><a href="javascript:return;" onclick="SetOkCodeButton('=SC_REFRESH', 'BBPForm', '', '',''); return false;" name="Refresh" class="pushButton" title="Updates all details according to your changes. "
onmouseover="status=' ';return true;" onmouseout="status=' ';">

I need to change the functionality of the ORDER button. It should trigger the REFRESH (generating the SC_REFRESH event) functionality right before the SC_ORDER event is generated. It means I need to trigger two events with one onlick on the ORDER button - first REFRESH and then ORDER. With 2 second time break between the two events.
The functionality of REFRESH button will not change.
Thanx for any help in advance.