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Mar 9th, 2009, 11:29 PM
I'm trying to get the Rok News Rotator working correctly and add the images...I have the articles rotating, but the instructions for adding the images are below. Can anyone explain how and where to do this? I've tried adding the image syntax to the top of the articles that are rotating but they don't show. The template I'm using is Rocket Theme Perihelion....thanks

RokNewsRotator is a module that rotates your news item using the powerful of the mootools javascript library. You simply assign a category/section and watch your articles transition

We will take a quick look at the parameters you will find when you install this module.

1. Title: Hide
2. Position: We recommend the user1 position
3. Access level: Public
4. Published: Yes
5. Module Class Suffix: -flush
6. Enable Cache: No
7. Module Mode: You have a choice of what type of content to choose from
8. Link Titles: Enable this option if you wish the titles to link to your main article
9. Link Image: Similar to the above but adds a link to your content image
10. Frontpage items: Show or Hide
11. Count: Enter how many items you would like to show in the module
12. Category: Choose which Category to pull your stories from
13. Section: Choose which Section to pull your stories from
14. Include Mootools library: Set to no, unless using this module with a template that does not include mootools javascript
15. Transition Duration: Time in milliseconds for slide transition
16. Delay Length: Time in milliseconds for delay between each transition
17. AutoPlay Rotator: Automatic or Manual transition
18. Read More Label: Enter any text such as Read On, or Learn More
19. Show Controls: This option will enable/disable the controls that appear when you hover over the rotator
20. AutoHide Control: This option controls where the controls are permanently active or just appear on hover
21. Preview Length: This is the time your article will display for

All you need to do now is to create some content items which are assigned to the category/section you chose in the module settings. In the content item, you will need to use the following syntax to load the image with the correct styling. The code is content editor HTML mode friendly.

<!--IMAGE image_path IMAGE-->

An example is as follows

<!--IMAGE images/stories/lego/rotator-3.jpg IMAGE-->

Place the image code at the top of your content item and write your content after it.

Mar 9th, 2009, 11:49 PM
I figured it out....it has to be done in HTML view....