View Full Version : tables vs. css

03-10-2003, 02:09 PM
this is an overall "style" type of question...

there are many places that promote the use of css positioning to create the layout and keep tables for tabular data.

so what does that last part mean? if i have like some stuff to be in a "table" format (rows and columns) it is ok to use tables within the positioned divs (layout).

03-10-2003, 03:32 PM
that's right, just for tabular data.
css is much cleaner, quicker and more powerful, and makes it very simple to update or change the whole look of your site.
and tables are just for .... tables. structured columns and rows of data. that's what tables were meant to be for in the first place, before web designers started using zillions of nests of tables to create all sorts of twisted and highly-unsightly layout codes.
if u really need the table it's fine to have it in your layout anyway you like... just don't create layouts using tables.

03-10-2003, 05:33 PM
in all reality, a table based layout will work just fine, but we try and stray from that, there are (eventually) going to be much better ways to easily accomplish this.
however zillions of nested table tags can be bothersome.
i would go for CSS as well, although you may run into some problems (which i wont go into, if you run into them then youll know ;)).
but make sure your page is built with semantics in mind, then use standard compliant CSS, and you have a pretty easily accesible page without trying too hard.