View Full Version : Restore my databases.

03-02-2009, 03:11 AM
I have recently battled a phpMyAdmin problem that lead me to reinstall Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin to resolve my problems.

During my reinstall process of MySQL I was told online that I could simply back up everything under MySQL\data\ folder then reinstall and place everything back into my data folder once I have reinstall MySQL and everything would be fine. Or so I was lead to believe.

Unfortunately because I have a newer version of MySQL than my previous I don't see a data folder anymore and am left with no SQL to restore them by hand...

What should I do?

New MySQL version is 5.1.31-win32.

03-02-2009, 07:52 AM
That kind of restore does not work even if you had same version reinstaled

My advise is to
0. try to reinstal old version and hope for the best( huh, huh managed to get out my stored procs that way,after finding that they are not in mybackup.sql, howewer all tables was unreachable, data lost (those was fortunately in mybackup.sql) )
0.1 some would suggest restart of win during this steps, like , reinstall, copy backup mysql data folder, restart ...

in future:

1.make backups with mysql administrator backup, be careful with options, because it tends to not backup everything if you dont tell to it specificaly ...
2. restore with mysql query browser , coz mysql administrator has a bug and does not restore proc comments and nobody seems to have intention to fix that.