View Full Version : Little help with iframes, please?

02-28-2009, 11:10 AM
I have returned from the dead, to ask for help once more. :)

My brother recently sent me a link to a page (which belongs to a co-worker of his), and asked me if I could get a particular element to center on the page. Naturally, thinking it would be an easy fix, I said "Sure". However, he didn't specify that the page was full of horrible code (from the wonderful Drupal), along with 14 (FOURTEEN) different CSS documents. Really now, do you NEED 14 CSS documents for one page?

While I would love to fix it (honestly, I would, I'm out of practice... It'd be good for me.), I no longer have Dreamweaver (I'll take donations. ;) ), and HATE trying to do things like this in Notepad, although I have made quite a bit of effort, to no avail. By deleting an EMPTY div, I made a sidebar menu disappear... Deleting a second (also EMPTY) div resulted in parts of the remaining sidebars disappear... The only progress I made was getting the element in question to move farther up the page. At this point, all I've succeeded in doing is screwing up the page, getting confused, and giving myself a headache from staring at the monitor in confusion. Thank goodness I don't have access to the live site. :D

Anyways, enough of that. The page in question is http://asudu.org/node/106, the element in question is the Google map. All that needs to be done is make it centered (or at least, close enough that nobody will notice the difference. ;) )

I tried fooling around with the margins on said map, tried enclosing it in a div and playing with the margins with that... Added some things, removed some more things... NOTHING changed. (except what I mentioned above) I would've at least expected SOMETHING to happen, but nope... Nothing. Nada. Zero. The only movement I got out of it was when I deleted the two divs above it that seemed to contain nothing. They were just adding space above it. By the way, I assure you I had no part in the development of this site, and will NOT be compensated in any way for doing this (although if I was, I'd be more than happy to share. :) ). Honestly, I just want to know what I'm missing, and why the iframe that contains the map seems to ignore all other HTML and CSS. :/ Also, it is my understanding that it is only NOT centered in FF. It seems to be centered in IE. I don't have access to IE to find out myself. (Apparently, IE isn't compatible with the Win7 beta? lol)

< Does not specialize in iframes. Or Google maps.