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02-25-2009, 06:44 AM
It is not my intention to break the terms & conditions of this forum, but it is inevitable for me to convey what I am trying to do without mentioning this website.
Probably you have come across this website before, it is http://www.swoopo.com
Just enter any auction and you will find in the right hand side a history of bids placed. As far as I know this is an Ajax application, and what I would like to do is what follows:
- Retrieve the information in that window and put it in some kind of log (.txt, etc.)
I was told that I needed to know the URL of the database from which that application is retrieving the information. If so:
- Trace such URL.

In the case of none of these tasks being possible (I know this does not come into this section of the forum):
- Suggest the best way to log the info in that window.

Thanks in advance for answers,