View Full Version : Editing Css files!

02-23-2009, 08:49 PM
Hey guys, it sucks being a noob at things you don't know!! I've spent hours after hours reading tutorials about css and html and even after all that time i've only manged to learn a few things and now its time to turn to people that do know! Please be easy with me as for some of you my questions may sound just dumb, but thats because you know and understand it!! If i'm shown how to do something then at least i can learn from it rather than pay someone to do it for me!

Ok basicaly i'm trying to do many things to my site but i just don't know how or where to put the code!

This is my site here www.interscrefix.co.uk. The first thing i want to do is i want to change the Catergories on the far left. I want to get them to look like this here http://www.ebuyer.com/store/Computers if you look on the left of their nav menu can you see how they're spaced out and how they change colour when you point at them. Mine seem all squashed up and only underlined when you point at them!

The other thing i want to do is also have a navigation menu with my products at the top like they do, for instance when you hover over say OFFICE you then have a drop down menu!

I think one of the major problems that i also face is i'm not sure which css file to edit and also i don't know where to put the code. I tried firebug and i still don't get it!

The shopping cart i'm using is interspire and unfortunately their forums are dead for assistance! In this skin there are 6 css files! I've attached 2 of the css files that i think is where all this is controlled from. Also a link that may help you understand how things are controlled are here: