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02-23-2009, 06:31 PM
Hi I am an intermediate flash designer and desperatley need some answers for a quiz game that a client wants with the ability to play simultaneously from the same server, 5 players from a computer setup with a 40" tv screen that is connected to a router with 5 ipod devices for each player...logic flow: Here is a step by step how the quiz game should work:

1. There will be one server with a router connected to it. The router will be connected to 5 ipod devices.
2. There will be a live moderator who will direct the game.
3. A php code will communicate with each ipod and an actionscript with variables such as, player 1, answer a,b, c and d etc. that will communicate to the php.
We do not have to have a team name since the php code will identify the user by the ipod device.
4. The moderator will first explain the game: With first screen with start game button.
5. She clicks on start game button and that takes you to the main screen with characters. add a button at the bottom of this screen to begin first question which will bring you to the question screen with first question. At the bottom of this screen is a button to start timer....20 seconds for time.... users answer question. There will also be a button that says, check answer. When answers are all submitted….she will click on the check answer button which will then create the actions of characters to move forward…that is if they get it right. They should most likely be able to answer before the timer is up. If they don’t they get it wrong. If all users submit the answer before the timer goes off then the moderator clicks the check answer button to get results.

Each iPod will connect to a unique html page. This html page will transmit two values to a php script (called process.php): user ID and guess.
PHP script will write these two values to a text file (called results.txt) in the simple form p1=a
When the timer ends, Flash will query the text file and collect the 4 variable sets - (sample results.txt is attached). Flash uses these variables to determine whether questions are right or wrong, and animates players accordingly.
Key Point: When the moderator clicks the “Check Answer” button, Flash does two things: 1. Continues to the animation of students running. 2. Calls a second php script (clear.php) which clears the text file, resetting it for the next question.
Game starts again from step 1.

If they answer all 5 questions correct they win and the image appears at the victory screen of them in the cap and gown, no percentage record. If the user does not answer all 5 right... they do not appear on the victory screen. That simple. They have to get all 5 right to win.

I need to know if this can done and how? Please help!!!!!

02-23-2009, 09:26 PM
Well what you are talking about spans so many technologies and platforms that I don't even think Flash is the place to be starting.

I can't really help you here, because this would literally take me days to figure out. However I can point you in a few directions.

First, you may find Flex a better solution.
Second, you are using iPods? What? You can't have PHP interact with an ipod...you really need to assess that aspect.
Third, the Flash would be the last piece of the puzzle, you need a framework to manage the central server content first, making it vital to start with that.

Best of luck.