View Full Version : Not sure if its html but..

02-21-2009, 06:48 PM
k im trying to make an embed for a vbulletin board. and the embed for the site (break.com) isn't working and i can't find one anywheres. i don't own it. i just maintain it and i was supose to add as many video things as i can as bbcodes.

the problem im having is. i want to have the tags [ break ] [ /break ] and the code that is submitted between the tags i want it send data to a page that redirects to embed.break.com/codehere but im not sure what kind of code i need. i doubt its html but if there is a html that can do this it would be really nice of you to share.

i want to have a html code or a code to add in the bbcode to make that when a user does [ break ] code here [ /break ] it will send the code to another page that redirects to embed.break.com/data sent here