View Full Version : Overlapping DIV boxes(Problem Has been fixed)

02-20-2009, 11:49 PM
Problem has been fixed...thank you !

I'm building this site, and i'm having some problems.

I got a blog section of the site been built, its in php, however the footer is overlapping the main content section of the page. This is only visible in Opera and IE. FIrefox, Safari, and Chrome are good.

I've tried several things, i added padding to the top and bottom of the container, i've left the height in auto, i've also changed it to pixels, but nothing has worked for me. So can anyone check out the code and let me know of any mistakes you guys see.

the page is located at http://www.svwebink.com/test/mindpower/blog.php

BTW. i got this same page in HTML and it looks good there, however the php version does not work the same

Hope i put this in the right section i wasn't sure if it was php or html

thank you all for the help!!