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02-19-2009, 10:13 PM
Hello :D

Straight to bizzness ^_^

Ok here is what i'm trying to do right now. Page: http://www.chillers-media.com/index.php?categoryid=8

I have a divx auto player setup for when you click on a episode link it will play instantly.

Code i used is the following:

<object id="ie_plugin" classid="clsid:67DABFBF-D0AB-41fa-9C46-CC0F21721616"
width="508" height="300"

<param name="previewImage" value="http://www.chillers-media.com/static/preview.png">
<param name="previewMessage" value="Click here to play">
<param name="previewMessageFontSize" value="18">

<embed id="np_plugin" type="video/divx"
width="508" height="300" previewImage="http://www.chillers-media.com/static/preview.png" previewMessage="Click here to play" previewMessageFontSize="18"


<script type="text/javascript">

// This code detects which browser we are
// running into (IE or others) and assigns
// the correct element (object or embed) to
// the "plugin" variable, that we will use.

var plugin;

if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('MSIE') != -1)
plugin = document.getElementById('ie_plugin');
plugin = document.getElementById('np_plugin');

// This is a local JS function used by our form
// element to call the plugin functions using
// the "plugin" variable that we defined above

function openNewMovie()
var url = document.forms['videoSelector'].movie.value;

if(url != '')

<center> <b><font color="f00000" size="1" face="verdana">Double click for Full screen </font></b></center>

So far so good no problems there, but where i post the content i have a little problem here:

<form name="videoSelector"> Choose a video to play: <select name="movie" onchange="javascript:openNewMovie();"> <option> </option> <option value="http://www.chillers-media.com/tv_shows/_Heroes 3x14.avi">Heroes S03 Ep14 </option> <option value="http://www.chillers-media.com/tv_shows/_Supernatural 4x14 Sex and Violence.avi">Supernatural S04 Ep14</option><option value="http://www.chillers-media.com/tv_shows/Lost 5x04.avi">Lost S05 Ep4</option>
</select> <br>


Well there is nothing wrong with it actually but, i wanted to know and if possible need help with having Images instead of the selective form.

Thanks in advance.