View Full Version : Desperate Noob-Help With Comic Dish HTML-Free Commission

02-17-2009, 02:00 AM
Hello Everyone,

Im having quite the noobish time figuring out the html at comic dish. Basically, my comic page looks pretty lame. I have a certain background I want, a certain header, and I want words on the page (about, cast, extra, links) to link to external websites. I love Comic Dish but the site really confuses me and I still dont get it after reading the tutorials.

If anyone would be willing to go in my account with my password and add:

-my background (already uploaded, just not placed)
-my header (already uploaded, just not placed)
-words with links to external site somewhere near the header (about, cast, extras, links)
-if possible, a counter (not needed)

I am a graphic artist and Ill happy to do a free commission, logo, caricature, fanart, gift for friend, ect. to anyone who can do this. Ill also draw you as a zombie in my web comic, if you want.

My email is tralltzombies@yahoo.com. Thanks so much for any help!

02-17-2009, 03:11 PM
hi there im actually looking for a pro bono web project, I would be very interested in helping you if you wish