View Full Version : image gallery not wokring as i would like it to

02-11-2009, 10:36 PM
my photo album gallery script page is not working as i would like it to.

i have tried and tried but can not get any closer than i have now.

the first 'tab' (1) works as expected it shows the image you clicked and then when you click the slideshow icon below the image it moves to the next image in that set of three (later there will be more images in each group)

once the end photo is reached it closes the group and you are take back the the page in the backgroup which comes back in to focus.

but when clicking the other tabs the slideshow does not work

i thought it may be an ID="..." in the images or hyperlink, issue but can not seem to work it out.

can anyone help me out with this please.

there are now two version. both have what each does in the file names.

http://realistichostings.com/photogallery3%20DB/index-DB-version%20album%20one%20works%20and%20end%20ok%20but%20rest%20just%20show%20main%20image%20page%20no t%20gallery.php