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Feb 9th, 2009, 08:31 PM
I hope this is the right area, beings it falls under promotion.

Anyways my client is looking to move away from a free affiliate program that is part of Mal's free shopping cart. My questions "beings I have little experience in working with affiliate programs" is what would you consider to be the best and least expensive affiliate program out there.

Currently we off our sites visitors a chance to become an affiliate if certain criteria are met to log in to our affiliate program with the information they have provided and grab product banners and images to place out on their site.

We track all our affiliates clicks and send out the checks accordingly. Nothing special I am assuming cause we are looking for the same functions as stated above with our current affiliate program, its just there are so many out there with few functionality features listed. I though I would ask all my buds here at coding forums.com first.

Any information is greatly appreciated.