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02-05-2009, 10:16 AM
Hello, can anyone tell me if it is possable to make a one select box and have it appear in about 50 spots through out the site. I understand it has to be an external file so i can make changes quick and easy. I have tried to use asp and php and javascript and even tried using includes i can seem to figure it out. each box has to have a diff. name because it will be sent to a shopping cart but can have the same id. so i even tried using getelementbyid. please some one point my in the right direction. i have been researching this and reading about it for over a month and updating all those boxes weekly is killing me.
here is what the box has in it

<select name="product2" id="scentlistfull"
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;ANGEL WHISPER&lt;/em&gt;"selected="selected">ANGEL WHISPER</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;ANGEL WINGS&lt;/em&gt;">ANGEL WINGS</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;APPLE&lt;/em&gt;">APPLE</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;BABY MAGIC&lt;/em&gt;">BABY MAGIC</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;BABY POWDER&lt;/em&gt;">BABY POWDER</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;BLACK CHERRY&lt;/em&gt;">BLACK CHERRY</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;BLUEBERRY MUFFIN&lt;/em&gt;">BLUEBERRY MUFFIN</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;CHRISTMAS ESSENCES&lt;/em&gt;">CHRISTMAS ESSENCES</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;CHRISTMAS TREE&lt;/em&gt;">CHRISTMAS TREE</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;CINNAMON APPLE BERRY&lt;/em&gt;">CINNAMON APPLE BERRY</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;CINNAMON BUN&lt;/em&gt;">CINNAMON BUN</option>
<option value= "&lt;em&gt;CINNAMON SPICE&lt;/em&gt;">CINNAMON SPICE</option>

02-05-2009, 02:38 PM
are you just looking for a way to include what i assume will be a form in all of your pages?

what is your site written in?

02-05-2009, 02:54 PM
i'm looking to just include the select box into a form, the rest of the form stays the same and just the scentlist changes
site is written in mircosoft pubilsher with html fragments