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Bo Dill
Feb 3rd, 2009, 05:21 PM
My website involves women's handbags, and I like the word, "Handbag". Most of my competitors use the word, "Purse" in their text, and I believe more women are apt to search for "Purses" than for "Handbags". Since I have lots of images throughout my website, I was wondering if I put "Purse" in some of the image links as, alt="purse", or name="purse"; would the search engines use this information as well as regular text. I do not want to mix the word "Purse" in with "Handbag" in my text (at least not very often).

So, do search engines look at the "Name" attribute and/or alternative text in an image link?


Feb 3rd, 2009, 05:49 PM
Alt text will help a little for SEO, but I would focus on other aspects such as page titles, site themes, and good natural text on the site. Where alt text will help, along with text that surrounds the picture, is in cataloging images in Google Image search.

Feb 3rd, 2009, 07:20 PM
Here here!

I still get told frequently by clients that their site was optimized for SEO at one point or another, but then you look at the site and they have their main navigation links as images or worse most content is an image with typeset.

So don't get confused that the alt tag is you way around having actual content or text for links cause its not. Alt tags only help Google images index the image its self to Google's image search not index the page accordingly to Google regular search engine.

I always hate having to break that kind of news to new clients cause they turn all evil and want to hit something!!

Bo Dill
Feb 5th, 2009, 12:02 AM
Thank you for replying, and I hope someone besides me had the same question at some time. BTW, I will have plenty of text and opportunity to use several descriptive words about my product(s), and I am not trying to "cheat" the browser system with some sort of hokey SEO tactics. I am, however, interested in legitimate ways to get my site found. I have learned that there are many honest ways to get the attention of the 'bots, and I intend to find out more about them (the honest ones). I got this idea when I tried to Google "Handmade leather handbags", and by the time I typed "Handmade leather", the Google autocomplete put "Handmade leather purses" under the text box. So until "Handbags" becomes a more popular term, I'll have to have "Purses" in my text. What a bummer. Thanks again, Bo