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01-27-2009, 05:03 PM
Hello Flash/AS programmers,
I never programmed anything in Flash Actionscript, and i could use your advice and help on this one. Few days ago i downloaded demo version of Flash CS4 and now i'm dwelling into world of unknown - Actionscript.
Reason i need flash is because i can't do it in PHP and Javascript solution would just be to complicated.

Even with flash it is complex, but due to the fact that i'm doing this without any time limit is giving me opportunity to try and make it.

Flash/AS part of the project is used for playing the game. Game is similar to chess, and therefor i need to make click-able chess board similar to the picture below
Field is going to be generated from mysql database, and every field is going to be different in some specifications, basicly size matters most..

there is plenty of tutorials online on how to connect flash/php/mysql, and i will do it on my own, i just need your help on that how to create that fields.

Eg, if i had mysql field given with table and columns id name lenght height, where column names represent fields "stats", how would it be best to generate field from that kind of mysql given table.

Do i use buttons, movie or some other symbols for those fields. You can see that cyan field is one user selected, and when user clicks on other field then he will be "moved" to that other field

What symbol should i use to create those fields, and is there a way to build field with symbols or something other, and to get coordinates of user so i can know where user is located at the moment.

What would you do if you had similar problem?