View Full Version : Need Help Making Text-Based MMORPG

Jan 25th, 2009, 11:44 PM
Hi everyone, my name is Michael. For the past few years I've been dreaming of owning my own text-based MMORPG, but I do not have the know-how to do it myself, so I need help to create it, and a way to control everything in a simple manner, by myself.

I know exactly what I want this game to be like, from the theme, to the actions, to the game locations...everything. I just need the help to make it.

If you think you can help, email me at [email protected]

Before anyone emails me! I'm letting you know that if this project costs over $100, I cannot pay you all at once (mainly because I'm broke haha). I can pay monthly, $100 a month at the most, maybe more if a lot of progress is made in a short time.

Thanks ahead of time for those who offer some help.