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03-04-2003, 07:52 AM
Can anyone reccomned a free world time clock script so I can show the time in Queensland, Australia on my website.

As simple and intuitive as possible would be good, becasue I have a very limited grasp of server side programing


03-05-2003, 10:34 PM
hey, this is my first message to post :). anyway, i use this code on my website to display the time:

$year = gmdate ( "Y", mktime (date( "H")+10,date( "i"),date( "s"),date( "m"),date( "d"),date( "Y")));
$mnt = gmdate ( "F", mktime (date( "H")+10,date( "i"),date( "s"),date( "m"),date( "d"),date( "Y")));
$day = gmdate ( "d", mktime (date( "H")+10,date( "i"),date( "s"),date( "m"),date( "d"),date( "Y")));
$H = gmdate ( "H", mktime (date( "H")+10,date( "i"),date( "s"),date( "m"),date( "d"),date( "Y")));
$minutes = date ( "i");

and then you put this script somewhere:

<? print( "$day of $mnt, $year, $H:$minutes"); ?>

i live in australia too so it will display the time

please check out my website at www.unipets.net :)