View Full Version : Official (or non official) Flash/Actionscript education?

12-26-2008, 01:20 AM

I am looking for education only concerning Flash/Actionscript (I am already an educated web programmer knowing asp.net, C#, MS SQL, MySql, PHP and so on), and cannot seem to find any. My first thought was that Adobe must have any education themselves, but as I said earlier, I haven't found any. It doesnt matter what country the education is located in, i'll go wherever the education takes me ;)

Although, only English and Swedish are possibilites.

Any help would help me! :rolleyes:

12-26-2008, 01:29 AM
What do you mean by education?

Are you searching for books (Adobe produces books), are you looking for training sessions or online resources?

The official books from Adobe are usually the first and most complete resources available for Flash, but I don't know of any training sessions.

12-26-2008, 01:31 AM
I'm sorry!

I'm looking for training sessions (university style).

12-26-2008, 03:44 AM
Where do you live? A lot of community colleges and universities have occasional Flash training classes (though often under an ambiguous class name).

These classes are often only held if enough people are interested so take a look around and sign your name on a few lists.