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12-19-2008, 11:40 PM
Hey everyone. I thought it would be interesting to exchange links with others on Coding Forums who are interested in adding to their links/resources page(s).

Please reply to the thread if your interested with a description of your site and a contact for those interested in an exchange. It would also be nice to check out what other members are up to.

12-20-2008, 08:25 AM
we can share links, my website is http://www.owt200x.us/contactform
well owt200x.us (http://owt200x.us) is me too but the contactform directory is the main

The site is for a free contact form download, with info saying I integrate existing contact forms and build custom contact forms for donations.

I will post a reciprocal link when I get my site redesigned after Christmas.

Barry "OwT"

12-20-2008, 05:51 PM
Here's where you can find the link info for my website, if anyone is interested in exchanging: http://www.db-elements.com/links.html

The link info is on this page.