View Full Version : Can I pass values to a form processing "action" page outside my site?

Dec 19th, 2008, 10:11 PM
I am hoping that someone can show me a way to pass values into an outside page (a page which would be loaded in an iFrame).

I am trying to submit my searches (found on all pages (top-left) of the site) to the service which processes the query (their database).

FYI: Please view my orig posting (not resolved) in the PHP forum

I am submitting the form to the appropriate page, and getting appropriate results (try searching "1N4001"), but they are obviously displayed with a style inconsistent to the rest of the site (because it's not our site).

Is there a way I can have this form submit to a page within our site, then just forward the request to an iFrame for the results?
Something like having the "action" value pointing to a local page which would then pass the POST values to a different action?
My goal is to list the results, and have them look native.

Any advice?

~ Mo