View Full Version : Create account login page and access files (.pdf blueprints) for online plan room

12-18-2008, 08:03 AM
I need to create a website for a reprographics company that can allow access to blueprint and other image files. The files need to be restricted to different user's accounts. The company already has many accounts and I will create usernames from those account numbers then assign passwords to them. It would be nice to have the forgotten password feature that sends the password to email. I would also like to add web registration eventually.. For now the feature is more for current contractors we work with.

The order of operations I am looking to achieve is:

1) visit site
2) login using account name and password
3a) account page appears with account number and company/individual's name
3b) I would like a list or dropdown menu with all files they have uploaded
3c) when the file is clicked it will appear in a frame so the user can navigate the building specs, blueprints, or other digital imagery. Lightbox navigation of files with pdf, jpeg, and tiff(not sure if tiff is accepted on the web) compatibility would be great.

that's it!

If I can just get pointed in the right direction...maybe a good resource to show how to upload files to databases and then call them to display a specific user's files when they log in....any help is appreciated :cool:

12-18-2008, 08:28 AM
http://www.evolt.org/PHP-Login-System-with-Admin-Features would help you to have a start.