View Full Version : How do I do the eccomerce part of my site

12-10-2008, 10:09 PM
I've gotten the template but now I have to set up the eccomerce portion. Can someone help

12-10-2008, 11:31 PM
I reccomend using CubeCart or oSCommerce.

They are e-Commerce Solutions.

12-11-2008, 03:38 AM
is it free

12-11-2008, 04:57 AM
Yes both are free. I suggest you actually do some searching. If you did you would have seen both of them were free...

No one is going to walk you through step by step on how to integrate ecommerce software into your design. You'll need to pay someone or have a moderator move this post to the project collaborations forum where someone might be willing to help.