View Full Version : Looking for Application similar to "Zoho Creator"

12-09-2008, 08:10 PM
Hi there,

as the topic says: I am looking for an application similar to Soho Creator (http://creator.zoho.com).

I do not want it as a webservice at Google, Zoho or any other "alien" hoster - I want to run it on my personal server (either XAMPP or MS IIS or anything else that comes in handy).

So my question to the community: Do you know such an app? Which you can build very easily and fast applications for entering data to forms and evaluating them with (simple) scripting languages?

I've been looking for quite a lot about Wiki software and Online Office Suites and stuff, but I didn't find a thing yet. Next I am going to look at my resources on content management and groupware software, maybe web frameworks as ... mhm?

I am not interested in doing a whole app myself (since I am not experienced in programming ... yet) and therefor actually very attracted by Zoho Creator.

Maybe some ideas from you?
- greetz George