View Full Version : A new carousel?

12-07-2008, 01:30 AM
A design question:

I understand that carousels of various sorts are popular, Flickr and the like. But what if you have a checklist, or a set of preferences? That can be some dry text, line after line after line. Maybe thirty preferences, some not so different from the other - like the about:config lists in browsers.

I thought a graphic carousel might be useful. Since most are switches, you can show what the page does when the switch is on, or off, either with 'international-type' abstract symbols, or just with page thumbnails. But browsers seem to have trouble with these, particular large graphics. So I wondered if anyone has tried this simply associating the list elements in the 'old-style' with a pop-in graphic. Mouse over the list, and different graphics appear. Then click on the item, to set it and see any explanation or dependent settings or requirements?

The obvious disadvantage is that the graphics are not immediately visible, or at least suggested at tiny size. Instead, one has to 'hunt' over the list as it were, to see what graphic pops up. Again, it's just for speed, less confusion, convenience. I mean, one can always just stop, read the line itself, just like with about:config. But the idea was to make setting and changing preferences something one could do almost without breaking their previous train of thought.