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Dec 6th, 2008, 03:59 PM
Hey all,

A friend and I need some help regarding creating a website. I’m not too sure, but I think it’s a rather advanced website... Although it may not be too advanced depending if there are any CMS’s that we may be able to modify that will work.

Basically what we plan on doing is creating a website with DDL’s (Direct Downloads).
The content will be on another separate dedicated server, if you wish to download you will have to register and registration is free. If you are a registered member you will be limited to a certain maximum download speed and only 1 download at a time and perhaps a waiting period after each download before you can start another download.

Members will then have the option to upgrade their accounts to premium accounts and premium accounts won’t be limited like the free member accounts. So the premium members will be able to download at an unlimited speed and won’t have to wait after each download and will be able to download more than one file at a time.

We have a forum which is run off vBulletin and if possible we would like to have the site and forum use the same database, although it’s not really a need. If we need to, we could consider moving over to another Forum system as we are leasing the license and it expires next year sometime.

The best site I could find with regards to what type of system we are looking at is a combination of http://www.bleachexile.com as well as http://rapidshare.com .

If you think you may be able to help us or need more information, send me a PM.
Also if possible try and provide me with a quote.