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12-04-2008, 02:38 PM
...Hi all - first post, so please excuse my 'Newbie-ness',

I work for a small financial-based company - we have approx 2000 clients, who we currently send out paper-based statements to every month.

All our client-management is run through our Access database internally.

What I really want is a 'client login' link on our static HTML website so that clients can login and do the following;

- View statements

- access basic forms that they may or may not need to fill in (which will then just get emailed to us like a normal email form) - this would prevent us having to post out paper versions of these forms (I can handle this bit ...probably)

Our current Access DB can export these statements as XML / HTML files - so I was thinking that these could just be sent to a MySQL database to prevent our 'proper' database being exposed online.

Although I don't know masses about PHP, I'm assuming that this should be fairly straightforward..?

Does any one know of any appropriate reading material or exisisting OS or commercial scripts that can help me in my quest ? As always, time is money....etc lol



12-04-2008, 04:07 PM
it seems your asking a lot in one message that might be one reason why your not getting much of a response.

first off, you might want to look up converting access to mysql - dont think its all that easy but surely can be done!

the forms your looking for are also easy enough and also the clients area is straight forward.

As for your "static" website, that will be out the window as PHP sites can be far from static.

If you are wanting more help email me at admin@snowyswebsolutions.co.uk

12-04-2008, 06:34 PM
A little good search gave me this:

Setting something like that up as a cron job (a script that runs every hour or so automatically)

Then just have a site that gets the data from mysql, which is the easy part, I can make you something like that if you wish.

12-04-2008, 09:52 PM
You are planning on providing a way for clients to access their sensitive financial account information over the Internet. You will need to use a secure connection (https/ssl) and you will need to use dedicated server(s) that are both physically and electronically secure from unauthorized access.

This is not a task that a Newbie should do themselves. If you did not understand the meaning, significance, and have previous experience doing everything in the first paragraph, I would recommend either finding a company that provides secure hosting of financial data (I don't know if this type of service exists) or you should hire a company to create this system for you that has experience in setting up secure hosting of financial data and will stand behind their work.

Edit: Your title of "Little PHP project...." is about as far from reality is it can get. Publishing sensitive information of one, 2000, or 200,000 clients is a major undertaking and investment. Doing this also adds an ongoing requirement for monitor the system to make sure it has not been breached.