View Full Version : Can't modify featured articles in wordpress theme

11-30-2008, 12:49 PM
Hello guys! I have gotten the Revolution Church theme for wordpress but I'm having some trouble modifying it the way I want it.
The theme has three 'featured category' blocks just below the featured-content-gallery and I can't figure how to change the category of the articles that should be shown there.
I can't get anything to be shown there at all.

I hope someone canhelp me with this :)

EDIT: I fixed this problem! I somehow managed to copy the theme and all the time I've modyfied the theme that wasn't activated. I have no idea of how I did that :S

Anyway, I've got a new problem. The problem now is that content-gallery plugin is not showing my picure and yet it's not showing the loading bar either. I just get a white background but the article text and headline is still there.. Please help me with this :)